A holistic approach to business development

Ravindra Rao Honeywell interview

EBG Play: Working capital the essence of procure to pay efficiency

Ravindra Rao is Finance Director & Global PMO Leader at Honeywell. His knowledge in cross functional, cross organizational, cross industry process development comes from years of experiences. For ten years he has been working at Honeywell with finance transformation. Their strategy has been to pay vendors on time and work with both internal and external […]

End to end transformation

Per Finnhammar about category management BPO

EBG Play: EFFSO about the development in category management BPO in the Nordics

Outsourcing has been a part of strategies in a number of business areas due to different reasons. One main reason being to focus on core business processes and let other professionals take care of manual and transactional processes and flows. One, perhaps even bigger reason, has been to reduce cost – cutting wage arbitrage has […]

Jason Busch interview

EBG Play: The promise in “e” is the promise of any future strategy

First published in May 2013 – this interview is still valid and we’d like to push it again. Quite often discussions about e-procurement and e-invoicing tends to focus around – the e – rather than the process itself. E as in electronic as in systems and IT. It is however clear that “e” is more […]

Per Hill

EBG Play: CPO talk with Per Hill – finding ways to be both efficient and effective

Aligning procurement targets to company targets, supporting the business and delivering results. Easily said but not so easily achieved? In far too many situations procurement and finance functions find themselves not reaching set targets, or trying to reach targets that simply aren’t aligned with overall business targets. What happen then is frustrated managers and even […]

Key Note speakers Source to Pay Summit

Time to gather for Source to Pay Summit 2015!

Every year for the past four years, EBG | Network have created a cross functional, cross organizational conference day based upon the fact that in order to take control over both the physical and financial supply chain – an end to end approach is needed. This is not rocket science but take a look at […]

Soren Pedersen ESV

EBG Play: Swedish government taking public sector e-procurement one step further

  The Swedish National Financial Management Authority are recommending the use of PEPPOL infrastructure and message formats being used in future procurement and finance operations to and from public sector. The PEPPOL structure is aimed at cross border business and cross border transactions being sent. It can be used – as it is to some […]

Jurgen Stockbroekx

EBG Play: Unifying control with common strategies enabling global purchasing power

There are few global organizations who are not looking at ways to leverage on their global purchasing power. Finding ways to unify control and execute common strategies along the procure to pay process takes time but is a crucial part in controlling spend, finding ways  to reduce cost and enabling transactional follow up and control. […]

Sylvana Carrick Ecolab

EBG Play: 10 advice when sending e-invoices to your customers

Ever heard of buyers asking their suppliers for more structured invoice data? The debate about how to get suppliers to send e-invoices has been loud and clear for the past decade, at least from the buyer side. The benefits are clear on the buyer side but what about the supplier side? When the buyer side […]

Olli Hakala ALD Automotive

EBG Play: A supplier approach to e-invoicing adding value to the customer

When talking about e-invoicing it usually comes from a buyer perspective. Receiving an electronic invoice in its basics mean cutting manual handling costs. In the long run standardization and automation mean business control. But what about the suppliers point of view? Even though it is not necessary to actually send an e-invoice in order for […]

Kate Vitasek

EBG Play: Kate Vitasek | Do you have a collaborative strategy or not?

There is a lot of talk about collaborative and connective relationships. It is fare to say that the possibilities today could enable a completely seamless and transparent approach to doing business. So are we? Take a look at and listen to two snapshots from this years Source to Pay Summit where Kate Vitasek gave a […]

supply chain

What is your total cost of ownership strategy?

Referring back to the apparent fact that far more of companies revenue go to external suppliers than for instance internal staff, there is no surprise that the idea of controlling the relationships and transactions going back and forth between buyer and supplier become more and more important. Having a No Po No Pay-strategy seem increasingly […]

Order to cash & Procure to Pay

Source to pay beyond transactional efficiency

Take a moment to consider source to pay as a process. What do you see when you look at the picture? A well defined structure and flow that can be managed and measured? Do you see the people behind the structure that need to comply to the process in order for the measures to be […]

Source to Pay Summit

EBG Play: Source to Pay panel discussion on how to develop world class compliance

There are numerous finance, procurement, CRM and other systems in the market. A lot has happened in the past, systems are merged as are companies. Finding the balance between knowing exactly what your organization is spending, how and why, is a challenge in itself. At Source to Pay Summit 2014 EBG brought together wise men […]

EBG | Network Webinar

EBG Webinar: Take control over your purchase orders!

Date: Tuesday September 16th Time: 09:30-10:300AM CEST Language: Swedish Location: Your computer/phone/tablet Cost: Free of charge but requires registration Organizer: EBG | Network & Qlik Imagine having complete control over your direct and indirect purchase orders – covering billions of spend and affecting forecasting and sales in a huge way. EBG | Network are happy […]

Buster Olsborn

EBG Play: Basware interview about e-invoicing and e-procurement trends

  Something is cooking, the traditional “moving-what-used-to-be-paper”-documents around in an organization is transforming into ways to use supplier and buyer relationships, processes and pure cash in more efficient and more valuable ways. To the surface comes realizing that many processes cut through organizations leaving room for errors and missed opportunities. Basware is one of the […]

Jamie Liddell Outsource

EBG Play: A revolution in the way people interact

It’s nothing new. The way people interact influence and control the ways in which businesses do business. The question might be what do businesses do with the possibilities at hand in order to create innovation and not only follow behind. Innovation and wage arbitrage does not by default go hand in hand. If wage arbitrage […]