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Source to Pay Summit

Source to Pay Summit 2014 Post Summit Page

If you were an attendee at Source to Pay Summit 2014 – Thank You for helping us make the Summit what it was. We hope you got many inspirational and practical tips and advice and possibly met people who can be a part of your future development. We cannot share the core of EBG Summits, […]

Anna Bjärkerud

No Po No Pay Strategy or Not?

Having just finished the annual Source to Pay Summit 2014 in Stockholm – one thing was evident. Most agree that the ultimate way to get spend under management results is to ensure a NO PO (Purchase Order) NO PAY strategy. But only about 5% in the audience had such a strategy. And the question is […]

Regine Böhm-Gams

EBG Play: Taking a holistic approach to procurement

It is easier said than done. Multiple stakeholders, multiple markets, multiple systems – and yet – it is getting easier to achieve end-to-end control from source to pay. In the below interview we “meet up” with Regine Böhm-Gams at Capgemini IBX Business Network to learn more about their view on procurement development. EBG follow the […]

Ulrika Kolb S A SFoto : Jonas Bilberg

How do you improve Purchase Order – Goods Received – Invoice matching rates?

This is a discussion that – together with governance discussions – really pin point the state of efficiency and control. This is not a merely technological question, nor a behavioral one – thus it is so interesting. ABB have worked long and hard with matching POs, goods received and invoices and has a lot to […]

Source to Pay Summit

Source to Pay Summit 2014 attendees

We surely hope you are joining us at Source to Pay Summit 2014 in Stockholm! There are great organizations joining us and we look forward to hours and hours of discussions. If you assemble over 100 people in a room you should make sure all interact as much as possible – imagine the amount of […]


A thinner line between direct and indirect procurement

When we talk about spend we still talk about direct and indirect spend.  The latter being what is not directly used in a production line. The latter still not – in our mind – seen as the strategic asset it is and increasingly will be. Increasingly though that definition is becoming obsolete. What do we […]