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Tommy Nielsen Source to Pay

EBG Interview: AstraZenecas road to P2P tool implementation success

It is not even given that all large organizations have a dedicated e-procurement tool beyond SAP SRM or other ERP centric procurement tools. That became evident at this years Source to Pay Summit 2014. How ever, once you have decided to implement a tool, perhaps as in the case of AstraZeneca in several countries – […]

Source to Pay Summit

Source to Pay Summit 2014 Post Summit Page

If you were an attendee at Source to Pay Summit 2014 – Thank You for helping us make the Summit what it was. We hope you got many inspirational and practical tips and advice and possibly met people who can be a part of your future development. We cannot share the core of EBG Summits, […]

Anna Bjärkerud

No Po No Pay Strategy or Not?

Having just finished the annual Source to Pay Summit 2014 in Stockholm – one thing was evident. Most agree that the ultimate way to get spend under management results is to ensure a NO PO (Purchase Order) NO PAY strategy. But only about 5% in the audience had such a strategy. And the question is […]

Regine Böhm-Gams

EBG Play: Taking a holistic approach to procurement

It is easier said than done. Multiple stakeholders, multiple markets, multiple systems – and yet – it is getting easier to achieve end-to-end control from source to pay. In the below interview we “meet up” with Regine Böhm-Gams at Capgemini IBX Business Network to learn more about their view on procurement development. EBG follow the […]

Ulrika Kolb S A SFoto : Jonas Bilberg

How do you improve Purchase Order – Goods Received – Invoice matching rates?

This is a discussion that – together with governance discussions – really pin point the state of efficiency and control. This is not a merely technological question, nor a behavioral one – thus it is so interesting. ABB have worked long and hard with matching POs, goods received and invoices and has a lot to […]